Fynbos Villa Guest House – Cape Winelands – South Africa

Elite training in Stellenbosch

The facility offers world class performance services to the sport, fitness and wellness industry. Elite training facilities and scientific expertise make the institute a popular choice in Stellenbosch as well as in South Africa. It aims to provide the sporting community with a wide range of facilities and training- options in order for them to fulfil their sporting requirements and needs. The SUSPI has a variety of clients using their facilities including national and international federations, high performance academies, professional sports teams, individual athletes as well as members of the public who want to keep healthy and fit using a world- class facility.SUSPI track

The SUSPI’s gymnasium has facilities to accommodate everyone and constantly promotes wellness in- line with national and international standards. The gymnasium constantly strives to keep up with world- class standards through adaption and modernisation. The gymnasium offers the following facilities:

  • 3 weight- training areas
  • Circuit- training area
  • Aerobics classes
  • Saunas
  • Multi- studio
  • An outdoor and indoor pool
  • Sports science and medical facilities
  • Recovery centre with physiotherapy and nutritional support
  • Medicine facilities
  • Exercise physiotherapy lab

Apart from the gymnasium, SUSPI has access to a wide range of sporting facilities available including the following:

  • Danie Craven Rugby StadiumSUSPI field
  • Athletics Stadium/ Coetzenburg Football
  • Football Centre at Lentelus
  • Hockey Complex
  • DF Malan Indoor Centre
  • Recovery Centre

The SUSPI is located within Stellenbosch. Most of the facilities and support service is located on the Stellenbosch University’s sport campus. This ensures that training facilities are centralized and offer an ideal training situation.