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Events in Stellenbosch – Winter


Mid- Year Activities

We’re very nearly half way through the year and that means it is winter in oak- filled Stellenbosch and time for events and activities which take place is slightly cosier conditions. Let’s take a look at what you can get up to in Stellenbosch over the month of June-

Root 44 Market


A market that’s open “come rain or shine”, so it’s perfect for those wet winter days! The Root 44 Market a lively event with delicious food, great drinks a festive tunes to top it all off. The market is open every Saturday and Sunday between 10h00 and 16h00 so there is no reason to miss out! What makes this market unique is its location. Housed in a rigid Downings marquee (which means rain is never a problem) it is surrounded by beautiful vineyards and trees. The market has a selection of craft and home ware stores, food, drinks and live entertainment!

On the craft- side of things you will find a selection of antiques, kids’ clothing, leather goods, home ware, and funky t- shirts to keep your retail therapy nerve going strong. Or perhaps it’s an ice- cold beverage you’re craving; why not reward your thirst with a superb selection of Audacia wines and the best craft beers. Or tantalize your taste buds with wood- fried pizzas, sandwiches, salads, biltong, spicy curry or traditional “roosterkoek” and biltong. Other items to grab to take home include home- made breads, spreads, olive oils, charcuterie products and fresh organic produce.

There is ample parking, shade and entertainment for the little ones as well as more than enough reasons to give this little market a visit.

For more click: www.root44.co.za


Stellenbosch museums

Village Museum- comprised of four houses each with their own garden, the Village Museum houses each represent a different period of architectural development in Stellenbosch. The four houses to visit are namely The Schreudeurhuis, Blettermanhuis, Grosvenor House and Om Bergh.

Toy & Miniature Museum- This museum is home to a collection of room boxes, miniature houses, antique dolls, cuddly toys, cars, 1:12 scale miniatures and more. You will even find a scaled- down version of the famous Blue Train as it makes its way through the Cape Winelands.

The V.O.C Kruithuis- This military museum was originally the powder magazine for the Dutch East India Company in the Cape. It soon lost its importance in the peaceful town of Stellenbosch and became the location for a local Friday market. It served as a Market House for nearly a century before it was restored by the Stellenbosch municipality in 1936 and a proclaimed a national monument in May 1940. Today it stands as the only remaining powder magazine in the country dating back to the days of the Dutch East India Company.

Most of the museums are open throughout the week and on weekends and their entrance rates are very reasonable for those looking to get a taste of the rich history of Stellenbosch.

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