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Events in Stellenbosch August 2014

Winelands Bridal Fair

Winter is on its way out

By definition, August may refer to something inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity, grandeur or even referring to something majestic. Let’s hope the month of August can live up to these expectations as we take a look at some of the events happening in and around the leafy town of Stellenbosch.


Events in Stellenbosch July 2014


The Heart of Winter

We are well into the heart of winter now, which means that many of you will be scurrying for cover as we experience a number of cold fronts in the fairer Cape. Do not fear, as there is never a shortage of activities and new things to try in Stellenbosch… even when it’s cold and wet! Let’s take a look at what’s’ happening over the month of July:


Events in Stellenbosch – Winter


Mid- Year Activities

We’re very nearly half way through the year and that means it is winter in oak- filled Stellenbosch and time for events and activities which take place is slightly cosier conditions. Let’s take a look at what you can get up to in Stellenbosch over the month of June-


Events in Stellenbosch April 2014

South African Cheese Agri Expo Festival

Easter in Stellenbosch

April is a time of year for family as South Africans enjoy the Easter festive season. This means that many people use the influx of public holidays over this month to enjoy short breaks as well as the various events and activities on offer. Let’s explore what can be enjoyed around Stellenbosch:


Events in Stellenbosch March 2014

Pick n Pay Argus MTB Challenge

Summer Sizzling

March in Stellenbosch is nearing the end of the Summer season and the last chance to enjoy some of the fantastic summer sunshine around the Winelands. With that in mind we have some fantastic events in and around Stellenbosch to enjoy over the next month.


Events in Stellenbosch January/ February 2014

The Stellenbosch Wine Festival

Events to Start the New Year

We all love a fresh start, a whole new year of possibilities and the chance to improve on previous endeavours. If you are in Stellenbosch during the last few months of summer, there is plenty of fun to be had. Why not soak up the hot summer sun and take your pick from some of these events taking place in and around Stellenbosch:


New Years in and around Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch New Year's

Are You Ready for 2014?

New Years is fast approaching and in our last post we gave you some of the best Christmas ideas to fill up your Christmas hamper while in Stellenbosch. If you are still around in the gorgeous town of Stellenbosch just one week later, there is plenty to do to celebrate the New Year’s in style!


Stellenbosch Christmas Ideas


Santa comes to Stellenbosch

It seems as if Christmas gets earlier and earlier each year? Or perhaps we get older and it springs up on us like a forgotten about exam. With a bit of planning and imagination, there are some great activities and things to do in Stellenbosch over the Christmas period. Just make sure to book and plan early as the town is very popular over the Christmas festive season. We have a couple of ideas for you:


Events in Stellenbosch- November

Strawberry Fair

Summer Events

As we enter the last two months of 2013, we can almost feel the dread amongst many of you as time seamlessly slips away form 2013! Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news but there is still a lot to see and do around Stellenbosch during this time, so you’ll just have to make provision in your diary to try them out!


Events in Stellenbosch September/ October

Beat around the Bosch

Spring into Stellenbosch

Its spring time in the fairer Cape and that means the start of new things and blossoming flora. Stellenbosch comes alive with magical colours during this time as the town radiates fresh hue colours of light greens and stunning pinks and purples. Hopefully by now, most of rain has stopped in the Cape Winelands and we are met with fairer days and stunning sunshine. Here is a selection of some of the events in and around Stellenbosch during the start of the Spring Season in 2013: